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Career Networking 101

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

People naturally gravitate to people who are most like them, so branching out can be intimidating. As many successful businesses have already discovered, however, is that those who are the least like you can make the biggest impact on your career or your business. Finding new connections can be tricky, so where do you start?

The last year and a half has really brought to light some things that many businesses were hesitant to accept: you don't need to physically be somewhere to get the work done. In a world where Zoom calls are now more common than a handshake, rethinking the way we do business doesn't seem so crazy anymore.

“Diversity brings success. A variety of viewpoints brings businesses new opportunities and strengthens their company's ability to serve their customers. ”

As Canada grows increasingly more and more diverse, it's more important than ever to connect with people from all backgrounds. Ask some co-workers to grab a coffee, stop by that city council meeting and meet some locals from your area, take up a hobby class. All these things may seem trivial and pointless, but you never know who you will meet along the way. Some of the best positions are landed because you've gotten a chance to win someone over before a formal interview. Above all, say YES when invited somewhere!

Connections are everywhere

The more people you can meet, the better. You never know who is going to be the right person, so always keep your mind open. Someone intimidating? Talk to them. Someone shy? Talk to them. Chances are, they're looking to meet new people, too. If they're not, that's also okay. Don't think of "no" as a negative thing. Even someone who doesn't seem to be of help right now could end up being the connection you need down the road to get that promotion! Become a familiar face and doors will open. #Networking #Connections #NetworkingChangesLives

Technology has given us the gift of connection. So, how do we use it to connect? One way is to join a national networking organization like DDNC and participate in on our live online events, member forums, in-person events, and more!

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