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Our Vision

To see Diversity actualized in the Canadian workforce.

Our Mission

The mission of the Diversity Development Network of Canada (DDNC) is to support the ability of various diverse groups such as youth, women, indigenous peoples, and veterans across Canada to work collaboratively with each other and with outside organizations.

Our Objective

The DDNC seeks to work with diverse groups to increase the reach and value for all DDNC members. By securing continuity of projects in collaboration with other stakeholders, resources can be leveraged to directly increase diverse peoples’ access, entry and advancement in Canadian industries to fill highly skilled employment gaps.


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Marlene Conway

Marble Surface

Founder Marlene Conway Diels

Marlene Conway Diels has been providing contract services to the Ontario Aerospace Council since 2003 in the capacity as Project Manager. She has supported Industry, government and organizations by providing critical strategic, technical, supply chain and collaborative development and implementation services. Marlene has managed all of OAC supply chain and skills development projects.  She was appointed Ontario Regional Director for CARIC (Consortium for Aerospace Innovation and Research in Canada) in May 2016.  Ms. Conway Diels received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal In recognition of her years of service in the Aerospace Industry, promoting excellence in education, and in leading environmental preservation initiatives.  Currently, she sits on Transport Canada Labour Steering Committee, all CCAA Committees and has held Board positions in non-profit organizations including the Air Cadet League of Canada, Women in Aerospace Canada and Defence Ontario since 2003. Marlene established the Diversity Development Network of Canada (DDNC) in 2020.


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